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December 10, 2012 - No Comments!

I Have an Image to Protect!

I am all about brand integrity. Whether it is a person, a product, or a company (including my own), my dedication to building and sustaining the integrity of a brand is uncompromising.  And a brand is not just about the logo; maybe it used to be in the “old days.” The logo certainly needs to make a statement, send a message, tell a story. I talked about this in a previous blog, “With branding, less may not be more” about several logo debacles from well-known brands. But in this digital age, branding reaches across all digital platforms and encompasses not only the logo, but service levels, how well companies respond to customer comments on social media outlets, how they handle crisis on the world’s media stage, and the list goes on.

Nieman Marcus is an iconic brand. When I first moved back to Dallas in the summer of 2011 I lived in the Mercantile building right next to the original store, founded on September 10, 1907. I used to imagine the rich oilmen going into the Mercantile Bank while their wives shopped at Nieman’s. Can’t you just picture it? Read more