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Requesting a swift exit from all things Taylor Swift

I made a promise to myself that when I started my Blog I would not rant—I would write about business, sustainability, and marketing. Granted my headline says “My thoughts on marketing, business, observations…and life!” so let’s just say that this one will fit under the “observations” category.

Can we please send Taylor Swift into a witness protection plan? The sooner the better! I take the Grammy Awards very seriously. I think the show itself is a fantastic production featuring interesting collaborations, a variety of music influences, and outrageous performances. And the featured nominees this year were well deserving—they are mature, experienced, influential musical artists who have and will continue to make their mark on music. I am stunned and confused that Taylor Swift, a little girl who can play maybe three chords on her guitar, has an awkward stage presence, and a limited, monotonous vocal range is worthy of nominations along with Beyonce and Fergie's  Blackeyed Peas among others. And how can the Academy possibly insult a rock legend like Stevie Nicks by putting them together on stage? (Shame on you, Stevie, for agreeing to do the duet!)  I was equally as appalled during last year’s Grammy’s when another great Stevie—Stevie Wonder—did a collaboration with the equally lame Jonas Brothers!

And to walk away with the ultimate “Best Album” award? NO! I would advise the Recording Academy to rename the Best Album award to “Award for Most Record Sales to the Tween Demographic.” Essentially, isn’t this what the award is? It most certainly is not “Best Album.” The word “best” implies musical integrity, and there is no musical integrity with Taylor Swift.

And by granting her this award, it encourages her to keep writing, and producing records, and touring, and jamming the radio airwaves with never-ending monotonous “songs” about high-school girls breaking up with their boyfriends.

To make matters worse, the award was preceded by a complex, difficult, innovative, and passionate performance by three Hip-Hop greats: Eminem, Drake, and Lil Wayne. That represents the music of this decade! And I’m borderline Baby Boomer!

Fergie, Beyonce, and Mary J. Blige (to name a few) are not only phenomenal vocalists, but also exciting performers—both on stage and on screen. They are contributing to their genre and the industry as a whole. They continue to produce new, fresh, and innovative music. They are good role models for aspiring female musicians.

And Taylor Swift? Is she wholesome? Yes. Is her music free of swear words? Yes. Is it safe to take your 12-year old daughter to her concert? Yes. Is she deserving of a Grammy Award for “best” anything? Most certainly not!

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